Hello there newcomer. Welcome to Emoji Decks!

About Emoji Decks

Emoji Decks is very simple emoji collecting game, that only takes a couple of minutes of your day to play. Anyone can enjoy Emoji Decks as it does not require any type of skill or knowledge. It's completely free and no registration is needed.

This is how you play Emoji Decks

1. Earn coins passively (even when the game is turned off).
2. Spend those coins to buy Booster Packs.
3. Open Booster Packs to get emojis.
4. Trade emojis with the people from around the world.
5. Share your progress with the Internet communities.
6. Rinse and repeat.
It's That Simple!
Click Here to START COLLECTING emojis.

Created by

Emojis used in the game are Twemoji made by Twitter.
Licensed under CC-BY 4.0.