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Cliffhanger - Movie Hangman




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Cliffhanger is your regular hangman game, where every answer is a movie title.

The objective of the game is to guess a hidden title of a popular movie by suggesting letters, one at a time.

You are presented with a series of empty spaces, each standing for a letter from the movie title.

Use your keyboard or letter button presented in the game to guess a letter

Should your chosen letter exist in the answer, all instances of that letter within the answer will be unveiled. However, for every incorrect letter guess you will be penalized with an "X" mark.

You win if you guess all the letters in the movie title. You lose after 5 incorrect letter guesses.

To help you out, a blurred screenshot from the movie is presented. It gets clearer with every incorrect letter guess.

Perfect game is a game in which you win without any incorrect letter guesses.

Cliffhanger is a daily game, which means you can only play it once per day. Each day a new movie is picked.


Game uses The Movie Database API to fetch movie images.